Adding a JMS Ressources to a WebSphere 6.1 Intance.

It was a troublesome way to add JMS resources to a the running websphere application server trial.

The first thing was the usage of netbeans with the Websphere on a Windows XP platform.
First installation was with security. This is a problem in netbeans, because there is no access control allowed.

Before creating JMS resources,a bus must be created.
The newly created bus needs a member - the current server and a file based message store and the message-engine must be started ( may need a restart of the app server ).
Add a destination which provides a message store, which provides a storage area.

After this in the Resources/JMS/ActivationSpec, an activation spec was defined, which references the bus, type, and destination and the JNDI-Name for referencing this activation spec.
Then ConnectionFactories and Queues or Topics can be defined.

My larger problem was the missing definition of the bus including a bus member and destinations. The Activationspec is referenced form the deployment descriptor.