Upgrade local installation of OpenSolaris to Build 93

Yesterday evening I upgraded my PC to the last Build 93 in the package-system
of OpenSolaris.

First Problem of the old PC was the network. It has a SiS900 network card.
It started up in the last update to Build91, but after some time there was no
connectivity, although a snoop showed package transfere when pinging the

So I switched back to the original 2008.05 Build, where I installed the network
driver sfe from Free NIC Drivers for Solaris.
From here I upgraded the system by the commands from the Announcement-List of OpenSolaris.

After this I installed the sfe-Driver again and the network worked.
The difference is, that per default the version 2.6.1 is available, but the
download site had the 2.6.1t10.
This solved the network connectivity.

The command to list the boot environment
beadm list

After this I deleted the upgrade to Build 91

beadm destroy opensoLaris-1