Information from the Solaris Kernel via kstat ( kernel statistics )

using a new JDBC-Database in Glassfish

Deployment on Glassfish => ordering of xml elements is important

Introduction about comparing Solaris / OpenSolaris

Sun Hardware museum in the Sun Benchmark Center Langen/Germany

installed openSuse 11.0 on my laptop in a VirtualBox image

packagemanager didn't start in OpenSolaris SNV_95 installation

transfere of openSuSE 11.0 DVD image from windows to Solaris

Updated OpenSolaris - Laptop to SNV_95

WebSphere 6.1 - JMS - ListnerPortNames

Introduction to Crossbow - network virtualization

A very good introduction to the hidden featuer cachefs in Solaris

Online via mobile internet

VirtualBox installation of OpenSuse 11

Kathy Reichs - Break No Bones

Saw one of my favorite movie since a long time

Netbeans 6.5 Beta is out

CD with a bunch of tools for Performance monitoring/checking

German free Sun Forum

Failed to transfere the OpenSuSE 11.0 iso-DVD-Image

installing packages in OpenSolaris

This week we got our terrace roof

Andreas and Karin married today at the civil registry office in Tobaj

upgraded notebook to opensolaris