Updated OpenSolaris - Laptop to SNV_95

During the last night I upgraded my OpenSolaris -Installation on the notebook form build snv_94 to the build snv_95.

snv_94 registered in the grub-menu as "OpenSolaris 2008.11"

How did the upgrade work:

pfexec pkg refresh
pfexec pkg image-update

This loaded about 800 mb of packages and created a new boot environment.

ewer@solewer:~/Desktop$ beadm list

BE Active Active on Mountpoint Space
Name reboot Used
---- ------ --------- ---------- -----
opensolaris no no - 73.32M
opensolaris-1 no no - 74.07M
opensolaris-2 yes yes / 7.53G

( Installation and Update Hints )
This show the current installation of bootable environments on the
root ZFS pool.

Now the boot was successful and everything seems to work.
On the Desktop there is also a registration link starting a JavaWebstart
application to register the installation. It also scans for other products
which can be registerted.

There's also a new Icon about the packagemanager, which I currently can
still not start.

The first thing is the missing gksu.