upgraded notebook to opensolaris

I've used the SXCE ( Solaris Express Community Edition ) on my laptop.

There were 2 partitions available, where both were managed by live upgrade.

To upgrade, I downloaded the iso-Image on an external USB drive and mounted
the isoimage via

lodfiadm -a /path/to/image
mount -F hsfs /mnt
luupgrade ....

After a short test on the PC with the OpenSolaris 2008.05 I got on a CD during the conference JavaDeus08 in St. Pölten/Austria

The installation was straight forward, although I missed the parametrization of multiple slices, but this is not a such problem, because of using ZFS on the root filesystem.

The update is also simple via
pfexec pkg refresh
pfexec pkg image-update

But for the OpenSolaris 2008.05 there must be paid attention because of changes of grub.

For more information see this thread.
It is necessary to update the SUNWipkg.

Now I've als installed OpenSolaris on my laptop migrating both slices to one
big pool.
The boot manager recognized the installed Windows XP and everything works
fine, because I'm writing this entry from the installed OpenSolaris version.