installed new VirtualBox 2.0 on OpenSolaris SNV_96

After upgrading the OpenSolaris installation to SNV_96 yesterday, I read about the new versio 2.0
of VirtualBox.

I downloaded the new Version from here,
Removed the old version

pkgrm SUNWvboxkern
pkgrm SUNWvbox

and installed the new one after uncompressing und untaring

pkgadd -d ./

After installation, I configured to use nearly 1 GB main memory instead of the 600MB I used before.

Now the VirtualMachine with OpenSuse 11.0 boots smoothly.

During booting I checked with prstat the usage of my single core CPU laptop and it was around 50 to 60%

It is also no problem to use it, because this blog entry was writting with firefox in the virtualbox.