moving laptop with OpenSolaris and NFS mounts

On my laptop I have some directories, e.g sdk mount via NFS from a central NFS server
still based on Linux ( will be replaced with a Solaris 10 x86 installation sometime later, when I find time).

I have defined a direct map ( see the man page for automount ).

For the server you mount from, you can supply a weight which server will win for the
mount request. They weigth is supplied in parenthesis, where 0 is highest priority.
When no weight is supplied, 0 is default.

Here's an example from the man page for an indirect map:
man -ro alpha:/usr/man bravo,charlie(1):/usr/share/man

The mount order is from alpha, bravo, charlie or delta.

For my situation I have a local copy of the parts in sdk I need for compiling,
which are mounted, when the local NFS server is not available.
So there is not need to change directorys for compiling regardless if I have the
NFS drives available or not.