Upgrade to Build 100a continued ....

OpenSolaris Upgrade to 100a damages the whole system

overview tool for CPU/Memory usage in OpenSolaris/Solaris

Installed OpenOffice 3.0 on a Solaris 10 8/07 on SPARC

Installed VirtualBox 2.0.4 on OpenSolaris Build 99

activate external monitor connection in OpenSolaris on Lifebook laptop

Terminal Server Client - applet in OpenSolaris Build 99 for remote GUI access

Firefox 3.0.3 on OpenSolaris Build 99 dumps core during printing with automatic printer discovery

New Feature of nautilus in OpenSolaris Build SNV_99

Update to automatic printer discovery with printers:snmp

Found a new filebrowser beside nautilus => Gnome commander

Replacement of the Heat Sink of CPU0 in a SunFire V240

automatic printer discovery in OpenSolaris with printers:snmp failed in Build 98/99

Updated OpenSolaris - Laptop to SNV_99

Soccer Cake

zpool upgrade in OpenSolaris SNV_98 blusted laptop => grub failed to load stage2

automatic backups of a ZFS filesystem

convert CVS to Mercurial : abort: decoding near

convert a CVS repository to a Mercurial repostiroy

Start Glassfish as a SMF Service in Solaris 10

Moving Glassfish ressource configuration to a different installation

standalone Glassfish is slow without netbeans