activate external monitor connection in OpenSolaris on Lifebook laptop

Some day's ago I did a presentation of SubVersion and Mercurial on my laptop
ewer@solewer:~$ prtdiag | more
System Configuration: FUJITSU SIEMENS LIFEBOOK S6120
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix/FUJITSU Version 1.25 01/29/2004

but didn't get an output signal on the external monitor connector.

So I rebooted to windows, activated the external connector and rebooted
again to OpenSolaris.
The presentation did go on.

This weekend I searched for a solution without the windows reboot cycle.

The first link guided to download a lot of drivers with an install script I installed and uninstalled without testing the drivers.

Today using the hotkey - from the tool before and it worked :-o
So I searched why it worked and found two links 1,2.

The next step would be to used different resolutions and different
dualhead display's, because now I have the same display on both screens.

The tool would be xrandr.

Some help would be found here. For dualhead an xorg.conf is needed, which sets the virtual size to get a dualhead display