convert a CVS repository to a Mercurial repostiroy

For evaluation purpose I converted one of our CVS repository to mercurial.

For this purpose I used my OpenSolaris installation which has mercurial
already as package available.

Mercurial is a distributed version control system with no central repository,
which must be available to work with version control.

The conversion of the stable 1.0.2 release of Mercurial needs cvsps in the
path to convert CVS-repositories.

To start, you need the CVSROOT environment variable set to your CVS repository
and a checked out version of the source.

When in .hgrc the convert extension is activated you can start.

hg convert

This will generate a default mercurial repository with the "-hg" appended to
the path.

Here I got a python stack trace with a KeyError: "bad" in
After some looking around, I found a message which says, to use the crew-
of mercurial ( not the stable one as I found out ), where the external
cvsps is not necessary anymore.

The convert call

Downloads/crew-582dac23ebac/hg -v convert --config convert.cvsps=builtin ./

This converted my CVS repositories without problems.