Replacement of the Heat Sink of CPU0 in a SunFire V240

Last Friday the Service Processor of one of the SunFire V240 mailed a message,
that one of the fan of CPU0 is not running.

System Event Recorded By SC:

HostID: "83549059"

Event: "00040066"

Time: "SAT OCT 18 17:00:58 2008"

Customer Info: "No Entry"

Hostname: "name"

SC IP Address: "xx.xx.xx.xx"

Message: "MAJOR: CPU_FAN @ MB.P0.F1.RS has FAILED."

Logging into LOM also showed that the fan is not running.
After shutting down the server an dismounting the heat sink to for cleaning,
even the processor was pulled out of the socket.

After mounting the heat sink with the processor and power on, the system powered off after some seconds and the LOM issued the message, that there
is no processor in socket 0. So I searched in
the Internet and found the following guide for Sun Fire V240 for replacing the
heat sink.
After a little searching there was also a message asking what to do, when the
processor is on the heat sink, as was the case here.

The only possible thing was to get the processor off from the heat sink with
some force. I took a screw driver and with some caution the processor was
separated from the heat sink.

After putting in the processor into the socket and mounting the heat sink,
the system was running again.