Upgrade to Build 100a continued ....

After downloading the CD, booting from it, it fails also to start the Xorg-Server.

Now I booted to single user mode, because booting Build 99 fails because of some ZFS errors
showing shortly and a reboot afterwards.

In Single-User-Mode on Build 100a, I tried to start the Xorg Server on the Fujitsu Lifebook
S-Series with an i855 Graphics card.
The Xorg-Server could not start, because it tries to load an amd64-libpcidata.so and this
is the wron ELF-Class ( 64Bit Class and the Laptop has a 32Bit Processor ).

Now I try to copy ma data back to an external USB disk and the tar command issues some
warnings on files having dates in the future ( 2038-01-01 1:00:00 ) or implausibly old time stamp ( 1970-01-01 01:00:00 )

After this I try to install Build 98 and live till the next build.