zpool upgrade in OpenSolaris SNV_98 blusted laptop => grub failed to load stage2

Yesterday, during the day I did a

pfexec zpool upgrade

This showed, that the rpool was on Version 10 and 13 is available.
So I issued

pfexec zpool upgrade rpool

Succeeded without error and I continued to work.
In the evening I shut down the system ( suspend does not work because of
a display@2 which can not suspend ).

At home I started the laptop again and it failed to load stage2 in grub and
I got the grub -shell displayed.

After looking for help in the internet, I found the following discussion on the
OpenSolaris mailinglist.

So I searched for an image of opensolaris with build 98 ( this is the one I'm running ) and found it in the download area of OpenSolaris in the chapter
OpenSolaris 2008.11 Development Builds.
Here is a link to http://genunix.org/ which lists the iso-Images.

I downloaded osol-0811-98.iso, which just supports the primary language,
but the image was 747 MB large and did not fit on the CD, even with overburning.
So I downloaded osol-0811-98-global.iso , which supports all languages
and it was only about 660MB large and fit on the CD.
After downloading I burned the CD.

Today I booted the laptop from the CD.

The first action was

pfexec zpool import

which showed the pool after a
pfexec zpool import -f

got the pool back and than I reinstalled grub
cd /boot/grub
pfexec installgrub stage1 stage2 /dev/rdsk/c3d0s0

The final reboot brought back the boot menu and Windows XP and all the
Solaris Images were available again.

Thank's again, that all is back now. I already thought to have to reinstall
the whole laptop.