delegate administration rights on ZFS filesystems to users

The last days I found a link to the Sun Tech Days 2008-2009.
There I got to the labs and especially the LAB 9500.

The PDF document guiding through the lab had an interesting point.

It is possible to delegate the administration rights of a ZFS filesystem and the
descendants to an ordinary user ( who must know the command for zfs ).

First you can set for the user the actions he can do:

bash-3.2$ pfexec zfs allow ewer create,destry,snapshot,rollback,send,receive,mount rpool/export/home/ewer

View the allowed actions:
bash-3.2$ zfs allow rpool/export/home/ewer
Local+Descendent permissions on (rpool/export/home/ewer)
user ewer create,destroy,mount,receive,rollback,send,snapshot
Also the other parts about mirroring, raidz are interesting.