Deploying application in SAP Netweaver -> nothing works anymore

Yesterday I deployed an application in SAP Netweaver in the textconsole, but the
deployment never returned.

So I stopped with Ctrl-C and the textconsole was also killed.
Attempting to restart the console showed that it couldn't connect anymore.
Also a restart of the whole machine didn't get the ports online again.

The LOG of the MaxDB was full.

So I created a backup-Device
zfs create -o mountpoint=/sapBackup pool/sapBackup

Connect to MaxDB:
/sapdb/programs/bin/dbmcli -d HDB -u SUPERDBA,Password
Create devices to use for backup:
medium_put LOG_BACKUP /sapBackup/LOG_BACKUP LOG
medium_put DATA_BACKUP /sapBackup/DATA_BACKUP DATA

info status
showed, that the LOG was to 100% full.

established a connection to the database.

backup_start DATA_BACKUP DATA
backup_start LOG_BACKUP LOG
started the backup of the database.

After this the LOG was filled with 0% and SAP could be started again.
After some time a login with the textconsole was possible again.