CMX Stingray 888 FM 4GB -> volume automatically lowers after some time

accidentially stopped my OpenSolaris notebook with mdb

Acrobat Reader 9.1 on OpenSolaris Build 110 runs now.

Acrobat Reader 9.1 on OpenSolaris Build 110

Upgraded OpenSolaris 2008.11 on my Laptop to Build 110

Upgraded HOME PC to OpenSolaris Build 110

terminator - Terminal : Switching the size of active shell

Home-PC upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 109

Filesystem contains large files, but lacks LARGE_FILE flag in superblock.

synergy & OpenSolaris Build 109 bring the @ back

Upgrade OpenSolaris to Build 109

Mount of ext3 partition of an old linux system hangs on OpenSuSE 11.1

Solaris 10 could not NFS-mount from new installed Linux NFS server

automounted directry was not accessible.

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