Mar 22, 2009

Home-PC upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 109

Today I started to try the upgrade of my home pc. An old PC with Pentium 4 CPU with
3.06 GHz and 512 MB RAM.

The GUI is a SIS Xabre card:

pci bus 0x0001 cardnum 0x00 function 0x00: vendor 0x1039 device 0x0330
Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 330 [Xabre] PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter
Somwhere from Build 93, I couldn't update because of regular problems on accessing
the hard disk. Upgrade went fine, but after reboot the system was not able to
access the hard disk.

Today I attempte to upgrade to the last Build 109 on dev.

pkg set-authority -P -O

to set the default on the development branch.

After this the update took some long time, because of the small memory footprint.

But after this, the reboot was ok and I could boot to build 109.

The network connection was done with the interated Ethernet controller:

pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x04 function 0x00: vendor 0x1039 device 0x0900 Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] SiS900 PCI Fast Ethernet
Therefore I had to use the sfe-Package from

The nwam also did the automatic connection. But to my surprise the WLAN-USB
stick which is an D-Link G122 ( as it looks on the webpages ) is now also recognized
by the system.

Disconnecting the Ethernet-LAN cable switched over to the USB WLAN.

Because of problems getting the intel driver on the Notebook to run with WPA,
I have changed to WEP.
After selecting the WLAN in nwam and logging in:

I got the connection to my AP and can log into the Internet via WLAN :-)

The D-Link uses the rum driver, which worked out of the box for me.

Also with the 512 MB memory, Surfing does not seem very slow.