Python & NetBeans 6.7M3

Today I downloaded NetBeans 6.7M3.
After installing, I also loaded the Python,Jython Plugins from the plugin manager.

I was really surprised about the functionality of the python plugin.
The last time, there was only a very few support but now.
I have to congratulate the team behind this plugin.

In the next picture you see the code generation function, which is also from the
Java development available. Pressing -.

Here you see the code completion working, giving only the data for the class.

and here is the completion of my own defined demo class form a new generated
package in the same project.

The Code completion seems only to work correct when doing a
from import

otherwise the IDE does not know the type.

There is also support to show the inline doc, like the javadoc from the libs.

This is a real improvement of the functionality.
The only thing form my side is the code completion with only
import ftplib

The completion on this point should work.