Upgarde OpenSolaris Laptop to Dev-Build 111

Yesterday I upgraded the Laptop to OpenSolaris Build 111.

The upgrade didn't show any problems.

The remarkable difference to Build 110 is the usage of a dual monitor display.
The LCD display of the laptop and an external Monitor.

In Build 110 all maximized Windows used the place on one monitor. In Build 111
the window extends over all size on both screens.

The Panels of the GNOME desktop also extend in Build 111 over both monitors.

I used a different resolution on the LCD display and on the external monitor.
So I didn't see the bottom panel on the monitor with the smaller resolution.
I had to set both screens to the same resolution to see the bottom panel
with the list of open application windows.

Also all dialogs are displayed in the middle of both screen, so the
window is separated by the monitor borders.