reading data from a NTFS filesystem in opensolaris with fuse

FUSE ( file system in user space ) is available in development state on

( see the video and slides from the Front Range OpenSolaris User Group from here)

The project describes the whole process how to build fuse on opensolaris.
You need the compilers.
The whole commands build the system and create packages, which can be
installed in your opensolaris installation.

I have also downloaded ntfs-3g. This is a filesystem implementation allowing to
read/write from/to a ntfs filesystem.

During the compilation, I got an error that pkg-config can not be found on
the system. The error message suggests to download from a web site.
OpenSolaris has this pkg-config in the package SUNWgnome-common-devel

Install this package and the
make install

works out of the box.

To find out your NTFS partition use format, select your disk and issue a fdisk
in format.

Than you can do
/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/dsk/c3d0p1 /mnt
# ls /mnt
AddOn IO.SYS Program Files
bootfont.bin Lang.txt Python24
boot.ini MinGW RECYCLER
Config.Msi MSDOS.SYS sdk
CONFIG.SYS nagent_log.txt svn_repository
Dokumente und Einstellungen NTDETECT.COM System Volume Information
Downloads ntldr temp
entw pagefile.sys UNWISE.EXE
i386 pc-bib WINDOWS
Install.LOG prod

A nice description of the whole thing can be found here.