Jul 28, 2009

using subprojects in Free-Form Projects in NetBeans

I have a whole bunch of projects which are maintained by a colleague who works with eclipse.
The first attempt was to import the eclipse project into netbeans. But this was not successfull.
The eclipse project has one master project which encapsulates the others and there was
a hint about "The Eclipse project ... has a source root ( .... )".

So I used the free-form project with the existing ant file.

The problem were subprojects.

In the Master-project I referenced all including projects by name in
the original has an entry like which must be replaced with something like:


If you have everything inserted, the subprojects are opened and you can change to the
source with "Go To Type".

ATTENTION: When you change some project settings, the subprojects are lost!!!

I used NetBeans 6.7.1

Jul 26, 2009

only Login-Sound in OpenSolaris Build117/118 with boomer Audio Framework

After Upgrading from OpenSolaris 2009.06 ( where audio worked without problems ) to Build 117 or 118 with the boomer audio framework, only the login Sound of the Gnome Desktop worked without problems.

After this vlc or flash didn't give any sound.

After looking a lot around, I found this bug. I reseted the default audio device and so on,
but it wasn't successful.

So the next step was

bash-3.2$ pfexec rem_drv audio810
bash-3.2$ pfexec add_drv -i '"pci10cf,11c3"' audio810
bash-3.2$ pfexec devfsadm -i audio810
After a reboot the sound was back and also vlc or the flash player in the last Firefox 3.5.1

After booting the Linux CentOS5 zone for skype with audio attribute, the sound on the
host system was not available anymore and without the sound attribute, skype would not

Jul 25, 2009

reading from NTFS partition without libfuse and ntfs-3g in OpenSolaris

Here, I have documented the usage of libfuse and fusefs to mount and read
from an NTFS partition.

Since Build 118 of OpenSolaris is a package named SUNWntfsprogs.
This allows to read from an NTFS partition:

here are the available programs
bash-3.2$ ntfs
ntfscat ntfscmp ntfsinfo ntfsresize
ntfsclone ntfscp ntfslabel ntfsundelete
ntfscluster ntfsfix ntfsls
Here you can read the root directory:

bash-3.2$ pfexec ntfsls /dev/dsk/c3d0p1

or in a specific directory:

bash-3.2$ pfexec ntfsls -p AddOn /dev/dsk/c3d0p1

To get a file from the NTSF partition you can use ntfscat

bash-3.2$ pfexec ntfscat /dev/dsk/c3d0p1 AddOn/EasyGuide/EasyGuide.PDF > EasyGuide.pdf
bash-3.2$ ls EasyGuide.pdf
So you do not need to get the whole fusefs/libfuse and ntfs-3g to get some files from
the Windows installation on a different partition.

Chime Introduction

I have already written a little bit about Chime here, but today I found a good
explanation @The Observatory from Brian Leonard.

Have a look at it.

Jul 21, 2009

jEdit 4.3pre17 -> Hypersearch Higlighting

jEdit has in it's search dialog the possibility to activate the Hypersearch. This searches through
the buffer and displays the search result in a window.
When clicking on one result the buffer get scrolled to that result.

Since Release 4.3pre17 the appearance of the search item can be configured. There is a new icon
on the right side of the Hypersearch window.

The search item is now highlighted in the buffer. The Button to get the dialog above has a
circle in red.

I drew the circle with gimp.
Use the Ellipse selection tool and start selecting. Before finishing, press the shift key down to select the ellipse.
After this go to Edit and Stroke and set your desired data.
( from here )

Jul 16, 2009

CodeBrowser-Plugin in jEdit 4.3pre17 does not work anymore

During the previous release of jEdit I used CodeBrowser to parse C/C++ files in jEdit.
With the Version 4.3pre17 of jEdit, CodeBrowser gets a ClassNotFoundException.

The Description of the Plugin says:
For JEdit 4.3pre7 and later, use CtagsSideKick instead.
You have to use Excuberant Ctags as described in the Options menu of the plugins.

For OpenSolaris is a package available:

You have to use /usr/bin/exctags and the display works.

The Icons can be activated on the left side with the Menu-Item
Icon->Tag Kind Icon

switching between mutliple shell session with screen

I knew about the existence of the utility screen for a longer time, but didn't use it.

For multiple connections, I use/used the terminator -Terminal in OpenSolaris.
Here you can with ctrl-shift-o create a new shell in the terminal window.
ctrl-shift-n or ctrl-shift-p cycles through the terminals.
With ctrl-shift-x you can just show the current window and also switch back to
the multiple terminal view.

Here you need a permanent connection. With the utility screen, you can open multiple
shell sessions and even split the display to get a multiple view.

You can name each view to get good title-names for each session.

Start just with screen.
All key commands are started with ctrl-a. So to get help just issue ctrl-a ?
With ctrl-a S you split your view ctrl-a-tab switches between the visible windows:

with ctrl-a d you can detach from the running session and later with
screen -ls you see your active sessions.

bash-3.2$ screen -ls
There is a screen on:
8906.pts-2.solewer (Detached)
1 Socket in /export/home/ewer/.screen.

bash-3.2$ screen -r 8906.pts-2.solewer

Jul 15, 2009

copy Hypersearch result to a buffer in jEdit

In jEdit you can search with a lot of options in a buffer and so on.
The result can be displayed in a HyperSearch Result buffer.

If you want to use this data, there is a macro in
the Menu bar reachable via Macros->Misc->Hypersearch Result to Buffer.

This copies the data in the Hypersearch result buffer into the current buffer
and you can edit the data.

Laptop upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 118

Yesterday evening I updated the OpenSolaris Laptop to Build 118 from the
dev repository.

The connection timed out for two times, but after about 3 hours, the update was
complete and downloaded/installed about 500 MB.

After the reboot, the system got into maintenance because of network/fcoe_config

The announcement-Email told to delete the service network/fcoe_config before reboot, or
otherwise in the maintenance mode.

  • Dual screen mode is operational.
  • Window maximizing in dual screen mode only goes on one screen and not over both screens
  • Tcl/Tk still has problems.
  • Sound from the CentOS 5 branded zone still does not work ( for using skype )
  • The default color seems to be switched
bash-3.2$ uname -a
SunOS solewer 5.11 snv_118 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

Jul 13, 2009


When using the Storage engine InnoDB, MySQL supports transactions.
Per default AUTOCOMMIT is set to true.

mysql> select @@autocommit;
| @@autocommit |
| 1 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
See here for a the code to deactivate autocommit in mysql

For the current session use:
or for a global usage:

mysql> SET GLOBAL init_connect='SET AUTOCOMMIT=0';

This will be active for new sessions.
During Testing with the mysql command line utility, the @@autocommit was always 1.
The solution was in here. You have to use any user different than root, because for
root, the init_connect is not executed.

Define a user without SUPER privileges and autocommit will be set to 0 for the next

finished building the new rabbit stable

Last weekend I finished with building the new rabbit stable. Now they've got a lot of space.

Jul 10, 2009

Hello Kitty Angle Cake

The first cake with a printedpicture consisting of eatable ink.

Jul 8, 2009

Iron Maiden Font installing in OpenSolaris

See the blog entry http://blogs.sun.com/observatory/entry/iron_maiden for a description
how to get the Iron Maiden Font into OpenSolaris.

dual head with xrandr described in Linux-User magazin 07/2009

In the German magazin linux-user Issue 07/2009 is an article about xrandr.

I'm using xrandr on my OpenSolaris Box to get two monitors in dual head running.
The description in the magazin is the same for OpenSolaris.

Jul 2, 2009

GUI for deleting automatic Snapshots from the TimeSlider in OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris 2009.06 ( as seen in the Desktop Feature video ) can
delete the Snapshots from the TimeSlider.
When starting the TimeSlider Configuration via System - Administration

You can select a ZFS filesystem and press the Button "Delete Snapshots"
This displays a GUI with all ZFS snapshots, where you can select one and

The manual way would be:

zfs list -t snapshot
zfs destroy

Videos about new Features in OpenSolaris 2009.06

From the OpenIgnite-Newsletter there is a link to the new OpenSolaris Desktop Features in 2009.06.

Jul 1, 2009

OpenSolaris - Chime visualizes DTrace

OpenSolaris ( Solaris 10 ) hosts a package named Chime.
Chime visualizes the output of DTrace-Scripts.

Since 24th of June 2009 there is a new Chime packages available:
When you have a plot running, you can select an entry with the right mouse button
and select a specific drill down trace.

In this image you see the selected firefox-bin process and the subdisplay named
"System Calls by Parent Process ID" which is available when pressing the right
mouse button on the line of firefox-bin.