only Login-Sound in OpenSolaris Build117/118 with boomer Audio Framework

After Upgrading from OpenSolaris 2009.06 ( where audio worked without problems ) to Build 117 or 118 with the boomer audio framework, only the login Sound of the Gnome Desktop worked without problems.

After this vlc or flash didn't give any sound.

After looking a lot around, I found this bug. I reseted the default audio device and so on,
but it wasn't successful.

So the next step was

bash-3.2$ pfexec rem_drv audio810
bash-3.2$ pfexec add_drv -i '"pci10cf,11c3"' audio810
bash-3.2$ pfexec devfsadm -i audio810
After a reboot the sound was back and also vlc or the flash player in the last Firefox 3.5.1

After booting the Linux CentOS5 zone for skype with audio attribute, the sound on the
host system was not available anymore and without the sound attribute, skype would not