Aug 27, 2009

Getting actual Subversion into OpenSolaris

to get an actual Subversion ( 1.6.4 ) into OpenSolaris, I've downloaded the packages from CollabNet. The default version is 1.4.3

The SVR4 Packages are signed and I didn't have setup a truststore for pkgadd.

The download page contains the certificate, which I downloaded and store locally.

Adding the certificate to the truststore:
bash-3.2$ pfexec pkgadm addcert -t -f pem /tmp/cert
Keystore Alias: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Common Name: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Certificate Type: Trusted Certificate
Issuer Common Name: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Validity Dates: -
MD5 Fingerprint: 0D:95:50:E9:89:F6:AD:99:9A:B9:6D:F4:21:2D:67:4E
SHA1 Fingerprint: 66:F5:28:DF:21:C4:79:22:AC:1D:F2:E6:1B:88:5E:91:3F:7C:69:2B

Are you sure you want to trust this certificate? yes
Enter Keystore Password:
When you haven't any certificate in it, you're requested for a password of the truststore.

After this you can install the packages.

Aug 26, 2009

skype on a CentOS 5 brandz zone on OpenSolaris Build 118

On my OpenSolaris Build 118 installation, I have a CentOS 5 brandz running.

CentOS5 was installed on an other host and used like described for the brandz.
The 2.6Kernel template for Zones is here. On this page is also the description how to
create the tar Archive for installing.

Today I've upgraded skype 1.4 to ( static version )

Seems to work, but no sound, because of the Boomer-Audio-Framework.
When starting skype in the brandz-Zone there is no sound from the zone and from the host!

Aug 25, 2009

seeing diffs in Mercurial with a difftool not able to diff directories

On a Solaris 10 Box I have installed tkdiff and configured for usage in mercurial.

Tkdiff can not diff directories, so a
hg diff
in the root directory fails.

But I have no a solution
bash-3.2$for d in `hg status -q | cut -f 2 -d " "`; do
hg diff $d
This takes the status output drops the state column and just uses the file names to
iterate over for using with hg diff.

Firefox -> Entry removes character 's' during typing

In my firefox on a Solaris 10 Box I've configured
Freemono fontsize 12
for the Monospace font.

During the input in a textfield when a 's' character appears in the input,
it magically disappears and seems, as if the 's' character is missing ( but it
is there ).
Changing from freemono to monospace let's the 's' also reappear.

Aug 21, 2009

Want to paste something you copied before your current clipboard content

I missed a feature in Netbeans about a history of the things you cut oder copied in
the editor.

When doing a paste, there is only the last thing you copied available, but after installing
the plugin "Copy and Paste History", there is an alternative key command -V
where you can select what you like to paste.

not only zpool as an upgrade also zfs

I knew about the upgrade of the zfs pool version via
zpool upgrade
But today I found, that also the filesystem itself has a version:
zfs upgrade

bash-3.2$ zfs upgrade -v
The following filesystem versions are supported:

--- --------------------------------------------------------
1 Initial ZFS filesystem version
2 Enhanced directory entries
3 Case insensitive and File system unique identifer (FUID)
4 userquota, groupquota properties

For more information on a particular version, including supported releases, see:

Where 'N' is the version number.
On my laptop it took some time, because the filesystem upgrade seems to
analyze the whole content of the filesystem.

Aug 13, 2009

a nice podcast about civility

Today I listened to the English Cafe episode 202.

This episode is about civility from my preferred site to listen to English text.
Dr. Lucy Tse and Dr. Jeff McQuillan create very good podcast on English as a Second Language

But this one was really fantastic, because I can even see some mentioned things in
the small city where I'm going to work.

I would say, a really must for everyone to sharpen your senses.

Aug 3, 2009

Netbeans Podcast 50 is back

After a long time a new NetBeans Podcast is back.

I really missed this, because I'm using in our Company netbeans, while the
others use Eclipse. But when it comes to solving problems, especially in the
deployment descriptors for Java EE Applicaitons, netbeans was a great help.
And for me it is much easier to setup a C/C++ Development environment for
an existing project than wish Eclipse. Netbeans can even do syntax highlighting
for the Windows Platform, even when you edit on SPARC-Solaris. There is an
only define evaluation.