Getting actual Subversion into OpenSolaris

to get an actual Subversion ( 1.6.4 ) into OpenSolaris, I've downloaded the packages from CollabNet. The default version is 1.4.3

The SVR4 Packages are signed and I didn't have setup a truststore for pkgadd.

The download page contains the certificate, which I downloaded and store locally.

Adding the certificate to the truststore:
bash-3.2$ pfexec pkgadm addcert -t -f pem /tmp/cert
Keystore Alias: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Common Name: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Certificate Type: Trusted Certificate
Issuer Common Name: Alexander Thomas(AT)
Validity Dates: -
MD5 Fingerprint: 0D:95:50:E9:89:F6:AD:99:9A:B9:6D:F4:21:2D:67:4E
SHA1 Fingerprint: 66:F5:28:DF:21:C4:79:22:AC:1D:F2:E6:1B:88:5E:91:3F:7C:69:2B

Are you sure you want to trust this certificate? yes
Enter Keystore Password:
When you haven't any certificate in it, you're requested for a password of the truststore.

After this you can install the packages.