AIX as NFS/NIS client against an linux server

This days I'm a deported Solaris User. :-(

We got a p520 with AIX 5.3.
The Installation with an IBM technician took a lot of time.
The Virtual IO Server was attempted to first install. This would be the base to
allow partitioning and using multiple systems.
The problem here was, that the Virtual IO Server could have a telnet connection
over the LAN interface, but ssh and https connections just stall.

  • NIS
The NIS integration was easy. Just use
smitty ypconfigure
  •  autonount
 The automounter is configured like on other systems with auto_master.
Therefore see the man page for
man automount

Here I've the mount maps distributed over NIS. But the names in NIS are

Therefore in the local files you need e.g  +auto.master in the /etc/auto_master.
My mistake was to  use an /etc/auto.master.

# cat auto_master
/-      /etc/
# cat auto_direct

But /etc/rc.nfs only starts the automounter if an /etc/auto_master exists.

  • remote login.
This took some time. I tested with my user account. Tried a lot of settings
in /etc/security but I could not login on.
Till I found a message that AIX does not support MD5 passwords.
A whole lot of users had "standard" passwords, but my user had a MD5 hash password.
After converting my password back, I even could login into the AIX box with