IPS cache uses a lot of disk space in OpenSolaris

During the last time a struggled around to get disk space. There are about 6 GB free and
the automatic-snapshot ( TimeSlider ) feature complains about short disk space and
removes snapshots.

Today I read an interesting blog entry at The Observatory about an IPS cache.
IPS is the Image Packaging System of OpenSolaris.
The system downloads the packages and updates from the Repository and stores them locally
to apply them to the system.

As stated in the articel I looked today into the download -Section.

After hours of running:

bash-3.2$ du -hs .
11G .
bash-3.2$ pwd
So I will try to disable the local caching as described with

bash-3.2$ pfexec pkg set-property flush-content-cache-on-success true
bash-3.2$ pkg property
send-uuid False
preferred-publisher opensolaris.org
require-optional False
flush-content-cache-on-success true
display-copyrights True
pursue-latest True
During the next repository action, storage should come back. -- Attention for snapshots in
other bootenvironments.

beadm list -a