Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 126 from Build 125

first successful Mercurial "hg push" back to a SubVersion Repository

jedit can display Shell-Script functions with Sidekick and ctags

Netbeans 6.8Beta with Python in the Plugin-Repository available

terminator and screen causes terminator to dump a core on Build 125 of OpenSolaris

Xorg freezes in Build 125

Exporting a netbeans project as archive

reading in multiple functions from the same file in Python using a for-loop and readline()

Login-Sound does not work on Build 125 for my installation

screensaver does not utilize the CPU to nearly 100% when dual screen-mode is active in OpenSolaris Buld 125

Code completion in Python and Netbeans 6.7.1 when the type is not known by netbeans.

synergy on OpenSolaris build 125 & ibus

Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 125 from Build 124

For German Spearkers - Spellchecker of the well known Duden is now online available

Soccer Cake

prstat/top like tool on AIX ( 5.3 )

syntax highlighting in Netbeans for files,which are not automatically recognized because of naming

proc Commands on AIX

Debugging on AIX ( 5.3 ) system

setting the NUM lock key in Solaris

skype on OpenSolaris without using a brandz Linux zone or skype directly

First impressions of Build 124

Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 124 from Build 123

Evince PDF Viewer and paging with the mouse scroll wheel