first successful Mercurial "hg push" back to a SubVersion Repository

On my site, I've cloned the hgsubversion from

hgsubversion allows to interface a SubVersion Repository directly with
the command's from Mercurial.

My ~.hgrc contains in the section [extensions]

The other thing, was to install a subversion client with version >= 1.5.

I did a
hg clone svn+http://

After this you can work with mercurial. Clone commit and so on.

When something changes in the SubVersion-Repository, you just go
into the clone Mercurial Repository and issue

hg in 
hg pull 
hg update

When you have changes to propagate:

hg push
After this the changset is a version in SubVersion, which other SubVersion-users
can update from.

I did a simple change and it worked.

The really necessary thing is an uptodate subversion client.