Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 124 from Build 123

Upgrade went smooth.
Yesterday evening, the connection speed was to slow for an update. Today in the
morning, the speed was reasonable and the update was done without problems:

root@solewer:~# pkg image-update --be-name OSOL_Build124                       
DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
Completed                              1068/1068 33097/33097  859.8/859.8

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Removal Phase                            19890/19890
Install Phase                            18111/18111
Update Phase                             36527/36527
PHASE                                          ITEMS
Reading Existing Index                           8/8
Indexing Packages                          1068/1068
Optimizing Index...
PHASE                                          ITEMS
Indexing Packages                          1284/1284
pkg: unable to unmount /tmp/tmpsboOZ2

NOTE: Please review release notes posted at:


The first start took some time. Some panels had problems.
The terminator -Shell could not start:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/terminator", line 42, in ?
    from terminatorlib.terminator import Terminator
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/terminatorlib/terminator.py", line 42
    class TerminatorWindowTitle():
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

To solve the problem with the terminator open /usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/terminatorlib/terminator.py, go to line 42 and 
remove the brackets ( open and close ) between TerminatorWindowTitle and the
colon. After this terminator works again.

Gnome is in the version 2.27.91 installed.