Using nautilus in OpenSolaris to navigate on remote filesystems

Currently I'm working a lot on remote Solaris server.
So I have to copy files to them and so on.

Nautilus in OpenSolaris supports the navigation on remote systems with a lot of

  • ssh
  • ftp ( with login )
  • ftp with login
  • windows share
  • web dav ( http )
  • secure web dav ( https )
Form my communication between OpenSolaris and Solaris systems, I use ssh
( which than uses the sftp extension to ssh ).

First you have to connect to the system via File->Connect to Server.

Just insert the data to connect and you have the remote file system in view:

In the address bar you can see the sftp- line.

The standard functions work. You can copy files between the systems like on a
local filesystem, or remove them and so on.