Released VirtualBox 4.0.0 installed on OpenIndiana Build 148

Upgraded from OpenIndiana 147 to OpenIndiana 148

working with Mercurial behind a proxy

VirtualBox 3.2.12 is installable on OpenIndiana 147 without any modification

SFTP withing jedit doesn't work to login in to SLES10 x 64

Netbeans 7.0 beta is read for download

Using lookbehind Regular Expression for searching in jEdit

Installed NetBeans 7.0 Milestone 2 on OpenIndiana Build 147

Sending datablock in Python with > 65536 bytes fails

Resolving merge conflicts in mercurial

Mercurial has an option to work with multiple patch queues

Soccer Cake

Debugging memory leaks with DTrace and mdb

SFTP withing jedit doesn't work in OpenIndiana

Upgraded to OpenIndiana 147 from OpenSolaris Build 134

Changing the message of a mercurial Patch before commiting into the repository

Python pygtk based MergeTool for Mercurial

Compiling Qt 4.5.3 on OpenSolaris

Moving source changes to a previous patch in Mercurial with Mercurial Queues ( MQ )

Getting information in screen when something happens on an other shell

John Deere Cake

Peach Cake

Bottle Cake

Netbeans 6.10 M1 & Python Plugins are available.

Upgrade meld to Version 1.3.1 from Sourceforge in OpenSolaris

Getting the changes of a MQ ( Mercurial Queue ) Patch, when it is already stored with qrefresh

Netbeans seems to ignore tab size

Reordering patches in a mercurial queues ( hg mq )

Using a Mercurial repository of a different user with a .hgrc file ends in Not trusting file /repo/.hg/hgrc from untrusted user me, group mygroup

Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 134 from Build 145

Path manipulation in python on different platforms

Gnome-Panels auto-hide feature stops sometimes to work

Thunderbird 3.1.2 -> ColoredDiffs

Thunderbird 3.1.2 -> Lightning Plugin for Solaris

Removing ^M from files in Windows

uuencode in windows -> Problems with 0x0D0x0A ( CR/LF ) endings in the uuendoded file.

How to recover a MySQL database with lost root password

showing the full environment of a process in AIX

How to determine the process for an open port on AIX

Netbeans 6.9 Release is available for download

Mantis 1.2.1 running on Solaris with coolstack and Authentication on Scalix Mail-Server

ssh login fails with active certificats, because they do not match and there is no password request.

Using jconsole on a Solaris with a JDK 1.5.x

Debugging memory problems on solaris with libumem

GCC compile problem on AIX 6.1 as non root user. Getting cc1: error: /usr/local/include: Permission denied

FindBugs, PMD, Checkstyle, Dependency finder from SQE is now in kenai for netbeans update

Netbeans 6.9 RC1 is ready for download

Zones on AIX 6.1 -> Workload Partitions

sftp login via jEdit failed on new installed AIX 6.1 with ssh from the CD|s