uuencode in windows -> Problems with 0x0D0x0A ( CR/LF ) endings in the uuendoded file.

For sending data I used uuencode on the solaris platform. When adding a '#' at the first start line in the created uuencode file, some mail scanner do not recognize the content.

On solaris:

uuencode [name of the file] [name of the file on the target host] > encodedfile.uuencode

uudecode encodedfile.uuencode

would create the file on the target system. 

Now I've to do this in Windows:

uuencode-Tools can be found http://www.bastet.com/ .

This tool work a little different:

uuencode [Source File] [targetfile uuencoede]

There is no naming of the file on the target like on solaris.

The resulting encoded file has the windows lineendings CR/LF.

On Solaris the uudecode doesn't find the end line and therefore does
nothing. To get it to work use vi and remove the CR on the last line containing "end", or prepare the file on the windows platform.