Aug 28, 2010

Netbeans 6.10 M1 & Python Plugins are available.

Netbeans 6.10 Milestone 1 is ready for download. The plugin site contains
the Python Plugins and a lot more.

A Hex-Editor:

Aug 27, 2010

Upgrade meld to Version 1.3.1 from Sourceforge in OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris has the packge version of meld installed.

SourceForge has the version 1.3.1 of meld.

Meld is a nice comparison tool which can compare files and directories.

Installation goes not as fine on OpenSolaris as necessary.
You have to change in the GNUmakefiles the install command with ginstall
The INSTALL file has the path definitions where to store the files.
After the make install is finished, you have to modify
  • $INSTALL/bin/meld and adjust the setting of sys.path, so that the lib of meld can be found by python because the default is to /usr/local
  • $INSTALL/lib/meld/ must be patched to set the path to the installation because all the values are for /usr/local/
After this, the new meld can be started.

The following Images are links to the meld homepage.

Aug 26, 2010

Getting the changes of a MQ ( Mercurial Queue ) Patch, when it is already stored with qrefresh

Mercurial supports with the Mercurial Queues Extension a mode,
where you can collect your changes into a patch, which can be added
and removed to the working copy. See Stacy Marshall's Weblog for a

The problem is, when you issue
hg qrefresh
to update the changes to the current path, a
hg status
doesn't show you any change, although
[ewer@sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/tmp/hgMq]>hg qapplied

shows applied patches and qseries show more patches available

[ewer@sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/tmp/hgMq]>hg qseries

To get the changes you've done in a patch you can use the standard diff
operation of Mercurial:

[ewer@sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/tmp/hgMq]>hg log -r qparent:qtip
changeset:   0:cb74f3bb0f52
tag:         qparent
user:        Ewald Ertl
date:        Thu Aug 26 13:21:59 2010 +0200
summary:     First ci of hello.c

changeset:   1:97e29574fe18
tag:         qbase
tag:         salutation
user:        Ewald Ertl
date:        Thu Aug 26 13:24:42 2010 +0200
summary:     Change salutation

changeset:   2:e5a01dbef110
tag:         goodBye
tag:         qtip
tag:         tip
user:        Ewald Ertl
date:        Thu Aug 26 13:24:42 2010 +0200
summary:     Say Goodbye

shows you all changes of all patches currently pushed to the working directory.

To get the changes of the salutation patch use
[ewer@sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/tmp/hgMq]>hg diff -r qparent:salutation
diff -r cb74f3bb0f52 -r 97e29574fe18 hello.c
--- a/hello.c   Thu Aug 26 13:21:59 2010 +0200
+++ b/hello.c   Thu Aug 26 13:24:42 2010 +0200
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 int main(int argc, char* argv[])
-       printf( "Hello World\n" );
+       printf( "Hallo Welt\n" );
You can take the names of the patches stored as tags in the log or the revision numbers, you get from the log command.

Netbeans seems to ignore tab size

I'm using netbeans on OpenSolaris and Solaris 10.

In a project some files ( with a extensions .tra ) were shown with wrong
tab sizes, also I do not expand tab to spaces and uses indent size 4 and tab size 4. Even changing the values didn't change anything.

Now I've changed the association of the extension to c-files and the display
is correct. In Options-Miscellaneous-Files

Aug 25, 2010

Reordering patches in a mercurial queues ( hg mq )

I have converted a Repository from Subversion to Mercurial - From a centralized Repository to a distributed Repository, although I use Mercurial with a centralized master repositroy.

The reason for changing to Mercurial for me was to have the whole content
locally, even when I do not have a connection to the central server repository and the Mercurial Queues Extension.

I have some changes, which are not ready for commitment, so in Subversion I had a lot of working directories but MQ allows to use patches, which can be applied and removed.

If the order of the patches is not what you want, a reorder is necessray:

[ewer:sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/entw/vsop]$ hg qseries

applying vspipeCompile also pushes eaiTacReference

[ewer:sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/entw/vsop]$ hg qpush vspipeCompile
Wende eaiTacReference an
Wende vspipeCompile an
Patch vspipeCompile ist leer
jetzt bei: vspipeCompile

qpush has an option --move to reorder the patches.

[ewer:sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/entw/vsop]$ hg qpop -a
Entferne (obersten) oldDemoWfl4EaiServer
Entferne (obersten) vspipeCompile
Entferne (obersten) eaiTacReference
Patchschlange ist jetzt leer
[ewer:sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/entw/vsop]$ hg qpush --move oldDemoWfl4EaiServer
Wende oldDemoWfl4EaiServer an
jetzt bei: oldDemoWfl4EaiServer
[ewer:sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer/entw/vsop]$ hg qapplied

I think, as long as the patches do not depend on each other this a way
to remove some change sets.

Aug 24, 2010

Using a Mercurial repository of a different user with a .hgrc file ends in Not trusting file /repo/.hg/hgrc from untrusted user me, group mygroup

When you access a Mercurial repository of a different user, you get an error for security reasons.
Not trusting file /repo/.hg/hgrc from untrusted user me, group mygroup
It could be possible to parametrize actions in the hgrc File, which the
user working with hg does not want.

In my case, the other use is a working user, so I trust the file and the settings
in the repository, so a configured my  ~/.hgrc by an additional section:

users = *
groups = *

I got this info from here.

Aug 21, 2010

Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 134 from Build 145

The regular OpenSolaris Development Repositories with regular binary updates are stopped since a long time.

The last change was the Illumos project. This project attempts to replace the
close source bits of OpenSolaris.

Here is also a description how to update.

I just worked throught the description and updated from

The first problem after Upgrading I experienced, was an english keyboard
layout on my german notebook.

The problem is, that the keyboard setting is now an SMF-Service.

# svccfg
svc:> select keymap:default
svc:/system/keymap:default> setprop keymap/layout = German
svc:/system/keymap:default> exit
svcadm refresh keymap:default
 After this I just rebooted and the german keyboard was back again.
The hint to this problem was found at Giovanni Tirloni blog.

Also the graphical boot screen works now on my Laptop

root@solewer:~# prtdiag
System Configuration: FUJITSU SIEMENS CELSIUS H270
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix Z118D4FR.113 - R081 - 4807 12/11/2009
On Build 134, I had to remove the splashscreen, fore and background lines and the grapics-boot in the grub menu to be able to start.

Aug 20, 2010

Path manipulation in python on different platforms

Since now, I've used the posixpath module without any much thinking about
in my python scripts. It wasn't a problem since now, because all scripts worked
on Solaris/Linux, but now a script has to run on windows and
the functionsj of  posixpath module returned wrong results in my opinion, but
it was just my opinion and python was right.

I used the wrong module switching from posixpath to os.path solved the issues.

os.path handles the setting to the correct system itself and selects
posixpath, ntpath or what is suitable.

Thanks to Python!

Aug 17, 2010

Gnome-Panels auto-hide feature stops sometimes to work

On our SunRay-Environment with Solaris 10  it sometimes happens that the autohide feature of the gnome-panel just stops to work.

I found a workaround here.

ps -fu | grep gnome-panel 

kill -TERM

Aug 15, 2010

Thunderbird 3.1.2 -> ColoredDiffs

In my mail-client thunderbird I get e-mails containing the diff-output from
version control systems like subversion or mercurial.
Here I use the plugin coloreddiffs, which interprets the output and displays
a nice text format.

This plugin was not compatible with the last 3.1.x version of thunderbird,
but yesterday I checked the add-ons and now this beautiful plugin works

Thunderbird 3.1.2 -> Lightning Plugin for Solaris

I'm running on Solaris and use thunderbird as my mail-client.

Until now I used an older version because the lightning plugin ( calendar ) was not available for the 3.1.x version for the Solaris platform.
But now it's available. A version for x86 and sparc is available.

I use the x86 version in the latest 3.1.2 version of thunderbird and it connects
to a webcal without problems. Even some troubles with charactersets seem to
be gone.