Upgrade meld to Version 1.3.1 from Sourceforge in OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris has the packge version of meld installed.

SourceForge has the version 1.3.1 of meld.

Meld is a nice comparison tool which can compare files and directories.

Installation goes not as fine on OpenSolaris as necessary.
You have to change in the GNUmakefiles the install command with ginstall
The INSTALL file has the path definitions where to store the files.
After the make install is finished, you have to modify
  • $INSTALL/bin/meld and adjust the setting of sys.path, so that the lib of meld can be found by python because the default is to /usr/local
  • $INSTALL/lib/meld/paths.py must be patched to set the path to the installation because all the values are for /usr/local/
After this, the new meld can be started.

The following Images are links to the meld homepage.