Upgraded to OpenSolaris Build 134 from Build 145

The regular OpenSolaris Development Repositories with regular binary updates are stopped since a long time.

The last change was the Illumos project. This project attempts to replace the
close source bits of OpenSolaris.

Here is also a description how to update.

I just worked throught the description and updated from

The first problem after Upgrading I experienced, was an english keyboard
layout on my german notebook.

The problem is, that the keyboard setting is now an SMF-Service.

# svccfg
svc:> select keymap:default
svc:/system/keymap:default> setprop keymap/layout = German
svc:/system/keymap:default> exit
svcadm refresh keymap:default
 After this I just rebooted and the german keyboard was back again.
The hint to this problem was found at Giovanni Tirloni blog.

Also the graphical boot screen works now on my Laptop

root@solewer:~# prtdiag
System Configuration: FUJITSU SIEMENS CELSIUS H270
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix Z118D4FR.113 - R081 - 4807 12/11/2009
On Build 134, I had to remove the splashscreen, fore and background lines and the grapics-boot in the grub menu to be able to start.