Sep 16, 2010

Upgraded to OpenIndiana 147 from OpenSolaris Build 134

Now I upgraded from OpenSolaris Build 134 to OpenIndiana Build 147.

Because just testing in VirtualBox fails. The ISO boots and I can install the
system, but during the startup from disk, the kernel likes to update the
microcode and fails.

The upgrade works as usual see the Wiki for more information.

I had the same problem as describe in the wiki with the download of

Just uninstalled thunderbird and added the strange hostname with an IP from nslookup to my local hosts files.

After this the upgrade worked with some repetitions because of Error 503 Service unavailble.

After restarting, I didn't get my german keyboard layout.

After searching, I rememberd the fact, that Build 145 changed the keyboard
to be a SMF service.
See the BugIusse @ Illumos

# svccfg
svc:> select keymap:default
svc:/system/keymap:default> setprop keymap/layout = German
svc:/system/keymap:default> refresh
svc:/system/keymap:default> exit