New UrukDroid 1.6 RC7 is available

Compiling Qt 4.8.0 on OpenIndiana 151

Upgrade 1.6RC6 of UrukDroid for Archos Tablet available

reduce system usage of firefox by Add-On ToManyTabs

VirtualBox 4.1.8 update on OpenIndiana 151

code-analyzer in Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3

Something strange happend to my Crossbow Network

log4cplus && SysLogAppender

compiling log4cplus with SunStudio 12.3 beta on OpenIndiana

log4cplus -> dynamic configuration of log during runtime

log4cplus on Windows with MinGW

log4cpp Usage

log4cpp compile on Windows with MinGW and Usage in NetBeans 7.1RC1

UrukDroid 1.6RC2 upgrade to 1.6RC4

Running pdf_presenter_console on OpenIndiana

VPN to Cisco via vpnc on OpenIndiana

jEdit attempt to reopen a file on a networkdrive not available

Thunderbird 8.0 & Firefox 8.0 on OpenIndiana

rinetd on AIX can not start

Updated VirtualBox to Versoin 4.1.6 from 4.1.4

Archos Tablet Update to UrukDroid 1.6RC2

Upgraded VirtualBox to just release 4.1.4 on OpenIndiana 151a

Getting cppunit 1.12.1 to compile on OpenIndiana 151a

How to change passphrase of gpg keyring

Thunderbird 7.0 and engimail on OpenIndiana does not work

smime signed email on Android

VirtualBox in OpenIndiana suddenly doesn't start -> VBoxSVC core dumps

Getting engimal in thunderbird on OpenIndiana to work

Engimail 1.3 for Solaris x86 & Thunderbird 6.0

VirtualBox running in OpenIndiana using a vnic routed with Crossbow

Update OpenIndiana on 12.09.2011

KVM / QEMU on OpenIndiana 151a fails

mucommander can not sftp to OpenIndiana

cvs2hg converted repository with branches and hg convert with filemap destroys data

converting a CVS repository with branches to Mercurial ( hg )

UrukDroid CPU Governor - battery life

New Update on OpenIndiana from 19.08.2011

Thunderbird 6.0 is available

VirtualBox 4.2.1 is released, but USB seems not to work in OpenIndiana

Firefox 6.0 available for download.

SSH access to UrukDroid 1.5

Changing cpugovernor on UrukDroid

UrukDroid 1.5 update from 1.5RC1 on Archos 10.1

UrukDroid 1.5 RC1 is available for download

New UrukDroid Update 1.5B3 for Archos available

Changed OS on Archos 101 to UrukDroid ( upgrade to 1.5B2 )

Updated my OpenIndiana Build 151 Installation

C/C++ Feature in NetBeans to show the Callgraph of a function

VirtualBox 4.1.0 is release

VirtualBox 4.0.12 ist released

Thunderbird 5.0 -> QuickText extensions does not work