Jan 29, 2011

How to insert Umlaute like ÜÖÄ with my Archos 10.1

To insert Umlaute via the screen keyboard of my Archos 10.1 tablet, I have to press for alonger time on o a or u and the alternative characters are displayed.

Jan 19, 2011

VirtualBox 4.0.2 Update is available

From the download-Site of VirtualBox the Update 4.0.2 is available.
The changelog is here.

Uninstalling the last 4.0.0 package on Solaris 11 Express and installing
the 4.0.2 Update was no problem. Also the VBoxAdditions intalled on the
Windows XP in VirtualBox.

Resume work on Solaris 11 Express and fails on OpenIndiana 148

Last week I installed on OpenSolaris Build 134 Solaris 11 Express, beside
OpenIndiana 148.

In Solaris 11 Express the suspend/resume works on my laptop

# prtdiag -v
System Configuration: FUJITSU SIEMENS CELSIUS H270
BIOS Configuration: Phoenix Z118D4FR.113 - R081 - 4807 12/11/2009

But on OpenIndiana the resume fails. I think this depends on the driver for
the nvidia card.