How to get new locales in a debian system.

I have to port an application to a debian squeeze system.

The system was already installed by someone else, so I had to add
some additional packages:

It is a 64bit system, but I'd like to compile my sources also in 32 bit mode.

To be able to do this, I had to add the packages gcc-multilib and g++-multilib
to allow compilation with C/C++ in 32 Bit mode on the debian system.
The tool for installation I used was aptitude - a curses based installer.

Because the target platform is a german one, I'd also liked to have some
locales like de_DE.ISO8859-15, but the system just had

#locale -a


To add some more locales I found the following Debian-wiki entry for locale:
The command for me was:
 dpkg-reconfigure locales
This allowed in a curses based dialog to select the locales to generate on the system.