Jun 28, 2011

Bugfix-Release von VirtualBox 4.0.10 -> installation on OpenIndiana 151 is ok

VirtualBox released a Bugfix version 4.0.10 for Solaris .  ( download )
Here is the changelog.

Uninstalling 4.0.8 and installing 4.0.10 on OpenIndiana Build 151 was done
without problems.

The XP installation was rebooted and the new GuestAdditions are installed.
No problems with the XP virtual machine here.

Jun 21, 2011

Installing Oracle 11g in an OpenIndiana Zone

For the Installer of Oracle X11 is necessary.

Beside the installation of a zone and adding the xauth-Package to allow X11-Forwarding in ssh, the Oracle Installer requires the motif library libXm

To get the installer up and running just install motif in the zone:

pkg install motif
pkg install xauth
pkg install developer/object-file

For the GUI-Installer of oracle I set the LANG to de_AT.UTF-8 because of
the following error:

ERROR: Unable to convert from "UTF-8" to "646" for NLS!

I had to install locale/de-extra

After this, the runInstaller from Oracle database worked.

For detailed installation instructions look here.

X11 forwarding from an OpenIndiana Zone

For testing, I installed a zone on OpenIndiana Build 151.
(zonecfg, zoneadm install ... )
Logging in via ssh works over a crossbow switch. /etc/ssh/sshd_config is configured
to allow X11 Forwarding, but a ssh -X call fails.

Enabling debugging of ssh with ssh -Xv showed, that xauth is missing in the zone.
pkg install xauth 

solved this issued for me.

Jun 3, 2011

Compiling pycrypto 2.3 and paramiko on OpenIndiana/Solaris

For using SSH in python you have to get paramiko and pycrypto.

I'm using the packages on OpenIndiana 151.

For the compilation I used Sun Studio 12.2.

The only thing I had to do was setting PYCC_CC to the cc of the Sun Studio
12.2 Compiler package and change the include of gmp.h in src/_fastmath.c
to gmp/gmp.h in the pycrypto-Source.

After this change, the compilation went fine through.

>>> os.uname()
('SunOS', 'solewer', '5.11', 'oi_151', 'i86pc')
>>> import Crypto
>>> Crypto.__version__
>>> import paramiko
>>> paramiko.__version__
' (George)'

Help for paramiko is here