Compiling pycrypto 2.3 and paramiko on OpenIndiana/Solaris

For using SSH in python you have to get paramiko and pycrypto.

I'm using the packages on OpenIndiana 151.

For the compilation I used Sun Studio 12.2.

The only thing I had to do was setting PYCC_CC to the cc of the Sun Studio
12.2 Compiler package and change the include of gmp.h in src/_fastmath.c
to gmp/gmp.h in the pycrypto-Source.

After this change, the compilation went fine through.

>>> os.uname()
('SunOS', 'solewer', '5.11', 'oi_151', 'i86pc')
>>> import Crypto
>>> Crypto.__version__
>>> import paramiko
>>> paramiko.__version__
' (George)'

Help for paramiko is here