Changed OS on Archos 101 to UrukDroid ( upgrade to 1.5B2 )

Now I've changed to OS on my Archos 101 from the Archos firmware to UrukDroid.

First contact was an installation tutorial for 1.0.
Where also the files are listed for download.
The homepage of UrukDroid is at google.

 To use UrukDroid, the Archos must be patched to use the SDE Firmware from Archos itself.

Following the installation instruction was no problem to install.

The next Versions of UrukDroid are not released yet, but I'd like to upgrade to the Beta-Version
of 1.5. The download files root is here.

My first fault was, to extract the archive and just copy oer the update-File, but you have to
copy the whole archive downloaded to the archos device.

The archive has to be put to /data/UrukUpdate on you're device. So you have to use a Fileexplorer or
terminal to move the file from /sdcard to /data/UrukUpdate.
After some time the device starts to update itself.

I recognized a slowdown of the device during the updated phase. When the update is finished, the
devie reboots itself.

The file /etc/urukdroid-version contains the actual version of the instaled system.

Also vpnc ( VPN Network establish tool ) works now with UrukDroid 1.5.
Version 1.0 was not able to establish a VPN Connection.