Updated my OpenIndiana Build 151 Installation

Just saw that, the there was an update in PKG-Repository for Dev-Illumos at

So I started a pkg upate

root@solewer:~# pkg update
                Packages to update:   350
           Create boot environment:   Yes
DOWNLOAD                                  PKGS       FILES    XFER (MB)
Completed                              350/350   1522/1522    24.0/24.0

PHASE                                        ACTIONS
Removal Phase                                  99/99
Install Phase                                  80/80
Update Phase                               5414/5414

PHASE                                          ITEMS
Package State Update Phase                   700/700
Package Cache Update Phase                   350/350
Image State Update Phase                         2/2

A clone of OI151-2 exists and has been updated and activated.
On the next boot the Boot Environment OI151-3 will be mounted on '/'.
Reboot when ready to switch to this updated BE.

NOTE: Please review release notes posted at:


After the reboot everything seems to be fine so far.