mucommander can not sftp to OpenIndiana

cvs2hg converted repository with branches and hg convert with filemap destroys data

converting a CVS repository with branches to Mercurial ( hg )

UrukDroid CPU Governor - battery life

New Update on OpenIndiana from 19.08.2011

Thunderbird 6.0 is available

VirtualBox 4.2.1 is released, but USB seems not to work in OpenIndiana

Firefox 6.0 available for download.

SSH access to UrukDroid 1.5

Changing cpugovernor on UrukDroid

UrukDroid 1.5 update from 1.5RC1 on Archos 10.1

UrukDroid 1.5 RC1 is available for download

New UrukDroid Update 1.5B3 for Archos available