New UrukDroid Update 1.5B3 for Archos available

There is a new Update for Archos 101 UrukDroid 1.5 available. This is B3.

The direct update by coping to /data/UrukUpdate doesn't work. This shows "wrong signature" in
the log -file in ( /var/lib/urukdroid I think so )

But on xda-developers there is described how to manually update the system. 

0. Extract UrukDroid-1.5B3-upgrade.tbz2
1. Flash zImage and initramfs.cpio.gz through SDE
2. Enter USB MMC and copy UrukConfig.apk to /data/app and to /data/customization
3. Create .upgrade folder in / and put UrukDroid-rootfs-upgrade.tgz in it.
4. Reboot and the upgrade will start.

Upgrade the manual way worked for me.