UrukDroid 1.5 update from 1.5RC1 on Archos 10.1

On http://sauron.pourix.com/UrukDroid/UrukDroid-1.5/ is a new update file for 1.5
I first had to update with UrukDroid-1.5-kernel.tbz2 by copy of the file to /data/UrukUpdate.
There was no autoamtic reboot, but looking into /var/lib/urukdroid/update.log, showed that the
kernel update was successful.
There ware 2 killed message in /system/xbin/uruk_upd: line 94

After this installation, the start showed uruk 1.5 as boot, but swithing to the rootfs still shows 1.5RC1.
Also putting UrukDroid-rootfs-update.tgz into /.upgrade and rebooting didn't remove the 1.5RC1 from swithing to rootfs

Since midday ( 15.08.2011 )  there is also a UrukDroid-1.5-upgrade.tbz2 upgrade file to be put to /data/UrukUpdate.

After putting it into the directory, an automatic reboot is initiated after the uprade es decompressed and
during the reboot the rootfs is upgraded and the 1.5RC1 for init of rootfs is 1.5 and not any RC1 more.

cat /etc/urukdroid-version 
UrukDroid 1.5 ( 15.08.2011)