KVM / QEMU on OpenIndiana 151a fails

I attempted to use KVM from OpenIndiana running Build 151a.

After installing the packages, the kvm module is missing, even after reboot.
I had to modload kvm from the directory /usr/kernel/drv/amd64

First it failed, because the /dev/kvm device was missing. I did an
devfsadm, which seemd to create the device.

But starting qemu-kvm still fails with a looping

root@solewer:/usr/kernel/drv/amd64# qemu-kvm -cdrom /virtual/xpimg.iso  -boot d /virtual/aa.img 2>&1 | more
KVM internal error. Suberror: 2
extra data[0]: 80000008
extra data[1]: 80000b08

Even just starting without options fails:

root@solewer:/usr/kernel/drv/amd64# qemu-kvm -monitor stdio
QEMU 0.14.1 monitor - type 'help' for more information
(qemu) kvm: unhandled exit 80000021
kvm_run returned -22

(qemu) info kvm
kvm support: enabled

After rebooting the day after, VirtualBox failed to start and locks the
whole computer.
After modunload -i <number of kvm module>, VirtualBox starts again.