VirtualBox running in OpenIndiana using a vnic routed with Crossbow

OpenIndiana supports by the Crossbow-Project virtual Networkinterfaces and
a virtual Switch.

Now I've changed the configuration of the VirtualBox Instance to use such a vnic
connected to a etherswitch.

ewer@solewer:~$ dladm show-etherstub
ewer@solewer:~$ dladm show-vnic
LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
vnic1        vswitch1     0      2:8:20:55:9e:bf   random              0
vnicvsop0    vswitch1     0      2:8:20:7b:84:43   random              0
vnicwinxp2   vswitch1     0      2:8:20:48:d2:6d   random              0

The vnic1 is used in the global zone of the machine, where routing is activated

ewer@solewer:~$ routeadm
              Configuration   Current              Current
                     Option   Configuration        System State
               IPv4 routing   enabled              enabled
               IPv6 routing   disabled             disabled
            IPv4 forwarding   enabled              enabled
            IPv6 forwarding   disabled             disabled

           Routing services   "route:default ripng:default"

Routing daemons:

                      STATE   FMRI
                   disabled   svc:/network/routing/ripng:default
                   disabled   svc:/network/routing/legacy-routing:ipv4
                   disabled   svc:/network/routing/legacy-routing:ipv6
                   disabled   svc:/network/routing/rdisc:default
                     online   svc:/network/routing/route:default
                     online   svc:/network/routing/ndp:default

For the vnic1 a static address object is created, to have the interface always
up and running:

ewer@solewer:~$ ipadm show-addr
ADDROBJ           TYPE     STATE        ADDR
lo0/v4            static   ok 
vnic1/v4          static   ok 
e1000g0/_a        static   ok 
lo0/v6            static   ok           ::1/128

In VirtualBox the Interace is selected and operated in Bridged Mode.
The important thing is to set the MAC-Address to the same value as the
interface itself has.

ewer@solewer:~$ dladm show-vnic vnicwinxp2
LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
vnicwinxp2   vswitch1     0      2:8:20:48:d2:6d   random              0

oterhwise the network connection will not work. Got the hint from here.

Additionally I have ipnat active, to map the outgoing traffic to the server interface ip address.

ewer@solewer:~$ cat /etc/ipf/ipnat.conf
map e1000g0 -> 0/32
ewer@solewer:~$ svcs ipfilter
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online          9:08:16 svc:/network/ipfilter:default