Nov 30, 2011

UrukDroid 1.6RC2 upgrade to 1.6RC4

This week a 1.6RC3 update was released by sauron.
Yesterday I started a backup and an upgrade and found, that also
a 1.6RC4 is available.

Did the upgrade on the Archos 101 and had no problems.

On The RC2 there were some hangs but not very often.

See this forum for infos.

Nov 17, 2011

Running pdf_presenter_console on OpenIndiana

On this blog, I have recognized the PdfPresenterConsole.

To compile it, there are some prerequsites. I had to manually compile the

Evince already brought in the libpoppler and the remaining parts were
already on my laptop.

Doing the compilation issued an error from cmake about an unsupported
command unset.

Because I compiled a new vala compiler, the version must be suitable.
To circumvent this compile error, I commented in


After this the compilation could be done without a problem and
the presenter could be started without a problem.

It displays on the internal and external Screen, shows the remaining
presentation time and next slide.

Nov 13, 2011

VPN to Cisco via vpnc on OpenIndiana

On my laptop, I have OpenIndiana 151a installed.
The sfe repository has a vpnc package, which I installed on my system.

I configured a site config file in /etc/vpnc/, the VPN tunnel seemd to be
established, but all changing of routing issued errors about
"network not reachable", although the IP's DNS-Server IP and so on
are retrived via the VPN tunnel.

After a message to the openindiana-discussion list I got some response
and a hint from Sriram Narayanan where he has a VPN tunnel.

On his supplied links:

I found the redirect to the VPNC scripts
From there, I downloaded the snapshot from 2011-09-04 and replaced
the vpnc-script in /etc/vpnc with the one from the snapshot.

After this I restarted vpnc and the tunnel got established and routing could
be added.

Now I can directly communicate with the other side of the tunnel and
issue a mercurial pull and so on.

The tunnel is up now and even DNS resolving works.

jEdit attempt to reopen a file on a networkdrive not available

jEdit ist a nice java editor supporting to open and edit files via a SFTP
I think it's the FTP plugin which allows to do this.

But now, the last time I had a file open from a SFTP site and now this is not
available and the editor still attempts to get a connection to this site.
Opening a local directory is always denied because of an opening of the remote site.

There is a start option for jedit to do not open recent files

jedit -noremote

Now jEdit starts without trying to open remove files.

Nov 9, 2011

Thunderbird 8.0 & Firefox 8.0 on OpenIndiana

Today I installed Thunderbird 8.0 & Firefox 8.0 on my OpenIndiana 151a.

So far everything is working. For thunderbird the lightning 1.0 must be installed.

The other plugins so far work, when the max version in install.rdf is increased
excpet the engimail. But engimail also didn't work in 7.0. Only in the 6.0 version with the engimail 1.3.2 from here.

I already attempted to compile engimail, but therefore I need a thunderbird
compilation environment, but I do not get thunderbird to compile in

rinetd on AIX can not start

if (!allowRules && allowRulesTotal > 0 ) {
                goto lowMemory;
I've tried to compile rinetd on AIX 6.1 with gcc.

For the compilation the local getopt.c must be compiled and the header file
in rinetd.c must be #include "getopt.h" and all object files including getopt.o must be linked.

But starting the rinted issued the following error:

rinetd: not enough memory to start rinetd

After some looking around, in the source code, I found the problem.

I do not have any allow or deny rules in the rinetd.conf and therefore
the malloc resulted in a NULL Pointer which branched to the lowMemory mark.

if (!allowRules) {
                goto lowMemory;

if (!allowRules && allowRulesTotal > 0 ) {
                goto lowMemory;
if (!denyRules) {
                goto lowMemory;

if (!denyRules && denyRulesTotal > 0) {
                goto lowMemory;

Interesting is, why this was not a problem on e.g.: Solaris?

Nov 4, 2011

Updated VirtualBox to Versoin 4.1.6 from 4.1.4

Today VirtualBox 4.1.6 is realeased. Here is the changelog.

Installation was done without problems. The start of my Win XP instance and
the update of the Guest Additions were no problems.

The instance is running.

The VirtualBox Manager can only be started by setting LD_NODIRECT=1, but the Preferences Dialog causes a core dump.

The extension pack can be installed via the commandline:

[ewer@solewer:~/tmp]$/opt/VirtualBox/VBoxManage extpack install --replace ../Downloads/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.6-74713.vbox-extpack
Successfully installed "Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack".

The Settings of the VM can be viewed.

Nov 3, 2011

Archos Tablet Update to UrukDroid 1.6RC2

Yesterday Sauron published RC2 of UrukDroid 1.6. The Update can be downloaded from 

The Update was smooth without problems. Only the GMail account has to
be inserted again.

The backup menu of UrukDroid is reachable by booting the Archos and
after disappearing of the Archos logo the volume key has to be pressed.
( But that I have to verify, because yesterday I did just got into the backup for
one time to save root & data filesystem. )