VPN to Cisco via vpnc on OpenIndiana

On my laptop, I have OpenIndiana 151a installed.
The sfe repository has a vpnc package, which I installed on my system.

I configured a site config file in /etc/vpnc/, the VPN tunnel seemd to be
established, but all changing of routing issued errors about
"network not reachable", although the IP's DNS-Server IP and so on
are retrived via the VPN tunnel.

After a message to the openindiana-discussion list I got some response
and a hint from Sriram Narayanan where he has a VPN tunnel.

On his supplied links:


I found the redirect to the VPNC scripts
From there, I downloaded the snapshot from 2011-09-04 and replaced
the vpnc-script in /etc/vpnc with the one from the snapshot.

After this I restarted vpnc and the tunnel got established and routing could
be added.

Now I can directly communicate with the other side of the tunnel and
issue a mercurial pull and so on.

The tunnel is up now and even DNS resolving works.